Since the death of George Floyd, a new wave of anti-racism has ari­sen and voices against police bru­ta­lity are beco­m­ing lou­der and lou­der. Sup­por­ting the Black com­mu­nity, showing soli­da­rity with the pro­tests and the Black Lives Mat­ter Move­ment can take place in many dif­fe­rent forms. We are all lear­ning how to bet­ter sup­port each other. Some of us go to the pro­tests, others read books, some sign peti­ti­ons and others donate to orga­niz­a­ti­ons. We can all make our con­tri­bu­tion and it can be very dif­fe­rent for each per­son. Let us intro­duce you to six inspi­ring Black women in the period world.

Inspiring Black women in the period world, who stand up for more menstrual justice

Mens­trual jus­tice is just one example from the mul­ti­tude of sys­te­ma­tic racism that we all have to face. In search of a way in which we at Vul­vani can sup­port the voices of Black people, we want to intro­duce you to six inspi­ring Black women in the period world today. They run a com­pany sel­ling period pro­ducts, have foun­ded a mens­trual NGO or are com­mit­ted as indi­vi­du­als to bet­ter mens­trual edu­ca­tion. They all share a mis­sion: All mens­trua­ting people should be able to expe­ri­ence a happy, digni­fied and care­free period.

Bea Dixon: The Honey Pot Company

Bea Dixon foun­ded The Honey Pot Co.  in 2012. In addi­tion to expan­ding her own busi­ness, she has made it her heart’s desire to sup­port other Black female entre­pre­neurs. Dixon star­ted her com­pany because she herself had been suf­fe­ring from bac­te­rial vagi­no­sis for mon­ths. With the power of herbs, she mana­ged to calm her pain and tur­ned her vision into a rea­lity. The pro­ducts range from various period pro­ducts to deter­gents and care pro­ducts for expec­tant mothers. The focus of all pro­ducts lies in offe­ring che­mi­cal-free, plant-based and envi­ron­ment­ally friendly alter­na­ti­ves to con­ven­tio­nal pro­ducts. By buy­ing these pro­ducts, pro­ducts are dona­ted to people who could not afford them otherwise.

Crystal Etienne: Ruby Love

Ruby Love was foun­ded by Crys­tal Eti­enne in 2015. While hel­ping her daugh­ter through the tur­bu­lent rea­lity of peri­ods, she kept asking herself: Why are there no bet­ter period pro­ducts out there? Why do we have to settle for pro­ducts that were deve­lo­ped deca­des ago? That’s why Ruby Love offers mens­trual under­wear and inno­va­tive swim­wear for your period. Both pro­ducts have a spe­cial dri-tech mesh in the crotch area to pro­vide leak-proof pro­tec­tion. For teen­agers there is also a “first aid kits” for men­ar­che.

Nerissa Irving-Olugbala: Nene Fem Health

Nene Fem Health was foun­ded by Nerissa Irving-Olug­bala six years ago. It is a vegan, envi­ron­ment­ally con­scious brand that shows holistic ways in care. Bes­i­des various sizes of mens­trual cups, Nene Fem Health also offers yoni eggs and yoni stea­ming. Many of the pro­ducts are still made at home at Nerissa’s place. They also offer work­shops for teen­agers to sup­port them during puberty and to share their know­ledge with them. The focus of their edu­ca­tio­nal work is mainly on the chan­ges in the body, the cycle and dif­fe­rent period products.

Chelsea von Chaz: We are Happy Period 

Chel­sea von Chaz foun­ded the non-pro­fit-orga­niz­a­tion We are Happy Period in 2015 tog­e­ther with her mother, Che­ryl War­ner. To help all mens­trua­ting people to manage their peri­ods with dignity, they dis­tri­bute period pro­ducts to people with a low income, who live in poverty or are homeless. These are people who can­not afford mens­trual pro­ducts but still need them. The NGO also aims to end the stigma and racist ine­qua­li­ties wit­hin the mens­trual world.
Here you can sup­port the orga­ni­sa­tion with a donation.

Vianney Leigh: Status Flow Co.

Vian­ney Leigh is a mens­trual coach, the foun­der of Sta­tus Flow Co. and host of the pod­cast Peri­ods & Power Moves. Her focus lies in cycle awa­reness and com­bi­nes it with topics such as busi­ness, suc­cess and pro­duc­ti­vity. Her goal is to help mens­trua­ting people find their flow and live in har­mony with their mens­trual cycle. She offers 1:1 men­to­ring as well as online courses.

Janelle King: The Nurse Note

Janelle King is a regis­tered nurse and spe­cia­list in public health. She is also known as The Nurse Note. As an expert, she also uses her social media chan­nels and her blog to openly and honestly edu­cate people about mens­trua­tion, vulva, con­tracep­tion, sexua­lity and ever­ything that comes with it. She devo­tes herself to topics that many would rather not talk about.

In an inter­view with us she talks about her period and which mens­trual pro­ducts she only recently lear­ned about.

Which inspiring Black women in the period world do you know?

Sharing is caring. Which period brands by Black foun­ders do you know? Are there perhaps also some on the Ger­man or Euro­pean mar­ket that we have not men­tio­ned here? Which inspi­ring Black women in the period world do you know? Are there BICOP mens­trual acti­vists who are still mis­sing in our list? Men­tion them in the comments sec­tion so that ever­yone can bene­fit from this conversation.

Every decision is political

One way to sup­port the #BLM-move­ment is through inten­tio­nal con­su­me­rism. Because shop­ping is poli­ti­cal. In the end every sin­gle decision we take and action we make is a poli­ti­cal state­ment. It is up to us where our money goes and who we finance with our purcha­ses. This is one way in which we can (finan­cially) sup­port the Black com­mu­nity and change the dis­tri­bu­tion of power long term in an indus­try that is pre­do­mi­nantly in white hands. The­re­fore it is important that we sup­port inspi­ring Black women in the period world – no mat­ter in which form. Maybe you feel like try­ing their period pro­ducts, fol­low them on social media, attend their work­shops, book them for your next con­fe­rence or donate to their projects!

We want to share our platform with you

We at Vul­vani are often asking our­sel­ves: What can we do? We want to use our plat­form and share it with you to por­tray the diver­sity of the mens­trual world and cele­brate all voices in the period revo­lu­tion. That’s why we offer free pro­duct reviews in the form of an SEO-opti­mi­zed blog post to five dif­fe­rent period com­pa­nies or orga­niz­a­ti­ons foun­ded by inspi­ring Black women. An inter­view por­trait with ama­zing Black mens­trual acti­vists is also pos­si­ble. Feel free to share this oppor­tu­nity with those who might be inte­res­ted in it! Write us a mes­sage if you are inte­res­ted in our offer or have fur­ther ques­ti­ons. We look for­ward to get­ting to know you bet­ter and tel­ling your story on Vulvani!

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Britta Wiebe is the co-foun­der of Vul­vani. She loves rese­ar­ching, wri­ting and designing new arti­cles or inno­va­tive edu­ca­tio­nal con­cepts about mens­trua­tion all day long. When she is not tra­vel­ling the world, she enjoys spen­ding time with her loved ones in the beau­ti­ful city of Ham­burg in Germany.