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Vulvani aims to create a world in which an open and relaxed approach to menstruation in all societies is possible and in which all people can manage their menstruation in a self-determined, environmentally friendly and above all dignified way.

We want to achieve this by raising awareness of the challenges people face due to their menstruation. We want to provide impulses that make you start questionining the status quo instead of providing universal solutions. The goal is to remove taboos and normalize menstruation.


Our main focus lies in menstrual education.
We want people to be able to decide for themselves, regardless of social norms, if and which products they want to use during their menstruation. But only those who know innovative alternatives to the usual disposable products can use them and benefit from their advantages. We would therefore like to stand with all menstruating people and encourage them to engage intensively and consciously with their own bodies and menstruation.

Our Story

We are Britta and Jamin. Together we have set the goal of improving the perception of periods in society and making the actual menstruation of all menstruating people as pleasant, simple and sustainable as possible.

Britta has been involved with the topic from an early age, albeit mostly involuntarily. At the age of 13 she got her period for the first time in a cinema in Berlin and far away from home. She wasn’t prepared for it, nor did she have anyone to confide in. And not because no one was with her, but rather because the subject was so uncomfortable to her that she preferred to keep it to herself.

Britta has been going abroad again and again for a couple of months, so she has already gained a lot of experience of how menstruation is handled and viewed in different countries around the world: from plastic tampon tubes in the United States to self-sewn, herb-soaked fabric pads that were washed on full moon in Central America. At that time she found all this very strange and even had the tried and tested German tampons sent to her. Today she herself is the ‘herb aunt’ with the fabric panty liners and would like to tell everyone about free bleeding.

It’s a match!

Two fingerswipes to the right led to Britta and Jamin finding each other. Jamin was immediately fasciniated by Britta’s idea to bring the menstrual topic more into the public eye and it didn’t take them long to know that they wanted to make a long-lasting contribution together – Vulvani was born. As an experienced founder, Jamin ensures that everything runs smoothly at Vulvani, from finances to IT and logistics. He also takes the beautiful photos for us and keeps Britta’s back clear so that she can concentrate fully on bringing Vulvani’s concept and mission to live. She researches, writes and designs all the content – from social media or blog articles to the innovative online courses. She also supports the Vulvani community

The project started in October 2019. In the following months they moved to South America to able to fully focus on Vulvani and the realization of their ideas and goals. However, their choosen home is and will remain Hamburg in Germany. If you’re in the mood for more ‘hard’ facts, you’re more than welcome to connect with them on LinkedIn (links below) or simply browse through their CVs!

‘I stand on the sacrifices of a million women before me thinking: What can I do to make this mountain taller so the women after me can see farther?’

Rupi Kaur (Legacy)




Personal motivation
Even as an educated woman, I have only in recent years dealt more intensively and above all more consciously with my own menstruation. This was provoked by longer stays abroad in Central America, where access to menstrual products was not always guaranteed. I have thereby critically questioned my own practices, tried out new methods and started to talk more openly about periods with different people. These conversations and the resulting knowledge about the ignorance of alternatives in a supposedly educated and open society made me think. It sparked in me the interest to deal more deeply with the topic and to change something. For I find it important that specific topics such as menstruation are given a loud voice and that gender issues thus come to the fore in public discourses.
Through Vulvani, I want to reduce prejudices against menstruation through education, promote long-term social dialogues about the subject and thus make a contribution to a more just world. I hope that Vulvani will become an example of how we can stand up for natural needs and the empowerment of all menstruating people.





Personal motivation
My strengths lie in advancing ideas and visions, not in recognizing social and political problems. However, this does not mean that I do not recognize problems when they are shown to me. I want to invest my time and experience in projects that enable people to live a better, more beautiful and dignified life. It is here that Britta has identified a problem that has gone unnoticed for a long time.  Meaning that we can apply our respective strengths to fit perfectly together.
As a man and non-menstruating person, you generally have very little to do with the subject of menstruation. Rather, the moon time is seen as a time in which the woman is more moody or emotionally charged, has pain and as a man you can’t “get it on”. I am a very interested person and am not afraid to speak openly about supposedly taboo topics. The many conversations with Britta have shown me how many challenges almost 50% of humankind face every month and that there is still a lot of need for more information once you know how easy and uncomplicated your menstruation can be. I encouraged Britta that we should start something together in this area and shortly after Vulvani was born.


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