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WORKBOOK: A look inside your cycle

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A look inside your cycle

Do you want to finally understand your body, your mood swings and your menstrual cycle better? Then we have just the thing for you! Our free workbook “A look inside your cycle” is the perfect start towards more cycle awareness. Learn to read your body in just 5 steps – including 7 journal questions. Because one thing is for sure: It’s better to live in harmony with your own body than to constantly fight against it.

Coloring book: Style your Vulva!


Style your Vulva

Or do you want to be creative and design different vulvas with our free coloring book “Style your vulva”? Decide on a hairstyle, color the vulva lips and think about what special features the vulva might have. Piercings, scars, moles? There are no limits to your creativity. And if you run out of ideas, just grab a hand mirror and see what your own vulva really looks like and paint it.


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