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We regu­larly publish new arti­cles about mens­trua­tion on the period­ico. Some­ti­mes infor­ma­tive, some­ti­mes socio-cri­ti­cal, some­ti­mes advice. But always honest!

Product test: Period underwear from Modibodi

Product test: Period underwear from Modibodi

This arti­cle was crea­ted in coope­ra­tion with Modi­bodi. We always write honestly in our arti­cles and remain true to our per­so­nal opi­ni­ons, regard­less of the coope­ra­tion. There's a lot going on in the period mar­ket nowa­days, and ever­yone is tal­king about sustainable...

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5 steps to combat the period taboo at work

How about free tam­pons ins­tead of foos­ball tables in your office? We have 5 tips for you to effec­tively coun­ter­act the period taboo at work.

Menstruation in numbers: Disposable products, expenses and waste

Each mens­trua­ting per­son uses around 14,000 dis­po­sable tam­pons and pads in their lives. What impact do these pro­ducts actually have on your bud­get or the environment?

A concert to fight period taboos: Dialogue with a rose

Alex­an­dra takes us behind the sce­nes of ‘Dia­lo­gues with a rose’ and visually descri­bes the con­cert design to com­bat period taboos. Open the stage for menstruation!

Vaginism: When the vagina is closed

There is still a lack of edu­ca­tion around vagi­nism. So let’s get down to the taboo & let’s talk in detail about this sexual dysfunction!

How do I know that I have found the perfect menstrual cup?

If you have a cup that neit­her leaks nor moves and that you do not feel, then you have found the per­fect mens­trual cup for you. Congratulations!

Relieving period cramps naturally: A matter of mindset?

It is often a given that pain­kil­lers are taking during our peri­ods. But can our mind­set maybe help in reli­e­ving period cramps naturally?

When nothing flows: Menstrual cycle irregularity

When we are stres­sed (whe­ther con­sciously or sub­con­sciously), it affects our hor­mone balance. The result: Mens­trual cycle irregularity.

7 good reasons for an eco-friendly period

Not sure if alter­na­tive mens­trual pro­ducts are the right fit for you? We’ll give you some good rea­sons for an eco-friendly period.

Viva la Vulva: A book about vulva diversity

The result of Fine and Iris mas­ter the­sis is the won­der­ful edu­ca­tio­nal book ‘V’ about vulva diver­sity and ever­ything that comes with it. Viva la vulva!

Is my period normal? All about your menstruation!

Is my period nor­mal? Here you will find the ans­wers to five ques­ti­ons you have pro­bably asked yourself several times before.

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Vulvani Academy

The Vul­vani Aca­demy is your digi­tal edu­ca­tion plat­form for mens­trua­tion, sexua­lity and female health. With our inter­ac­tive online cour­ses and eBooks you will get to know your own body in a com­ple­tely new way. Because we edu­cate differently!

How do you feel about period blood?

Vulvani Gallery

We want to share our favo­rite pho­tos with you, com­ple­tely for free. Say what?!? The mens­trual taboo does not disap­pear by its­elf and pic­tures say more than a thousand words. We don’t want your con­tri­bu­tion towards the nor­ma­liz­a­tion of peri­ods to fail because you are lacking qua­lity pic­tures!

Where do you empty your menstrual cup?
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Menstruation Around the World

Mens­trua­tion Around the World is a Vul­vani theme series that attempts to show the diver­sity of mens­trual expe­ri­en­ces around the world. How do dif­fe­rent people expe­ri­ence their period? How do dif­fe­rent cul­tures deal with the topic? What pro­ducts are used during mens­trua­tion? These are all ques­ti­ons that we ask our­sel­ves and that we would like to ask many more people. We por­tray people from dif­fe­rent coun­tries with their per­so­nal stories.

Menstruation from A to Z

In our con­stantly gro­wing Mens­trual ABC you will find short and easy explana­ti­ons of col­lo­quial expres­si­ons and medi­cal ter­mi­no­logy rela­ting to mens­trua­tion, hor­mone-free con­tracep­tion and the ana­tomy of the repro­duc­tive organs. 

Vulvani in the media

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Our Vision

Vul­vani wants to create a world in which an open and rela­xed approach to mens­trua­tion in all socie­ties is pos­si­ble and in which all people can manage their mens­trua­tion in a self-deter­mi­ned, envi­ron­ment­ally friendly and above all digni­fied way.

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