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We regularly publish new articles about menstruation on the periodico. Sometimes informative, sometimes socio-critical, sometimes advice. But always honest!

Vulva Casting: Getting your own vulva casted

Vulva Casting: Getting your own vulva casted

Have your own vulva casted and then place it as decoration in your home? That's exactly what Viki has been making possible since March 2020! She is the face behind Vulvarium and offers vulva castings, meaning replicas of the vulva. With Vulvarium she combines her...

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How can I change my menstrual cup in public toilets?

Do you sometimes have to change your menstrual cup in public toilets? With a little humour, self-confidence & my tips, it’s not that bad!

Why are we using the term ‘menstruating people’?

What is the difference between ‘menstruating people’ and women? Not all women menstruate and not all menstruating people are women. It is as simple as that.

International Womxn’s Fighting Day: Let us celebrate and fight

Today is International Womxn Fighting Day. Let us celebrate it, but not with flowers and champagne, but with loud demands for more gender equality.

Sex education in the 21st century: Where are you?

Sex education for children does not have to be embarrassing, but can be a lot of fun – for example with the awesome game OH WOMAN.

When nothing flows: Menstrual cycle irregularity

When we are stressed (whether consciously or subconsciously), it affects our hormone balance. The result: Menstrual cycle irregularity.

Social Period is fighting against period poverty & period shaming

The non-profit organisation Social Period is dedicated to the social challenge of period poverty and guides us through the history of period shaming.

Product review: Period underwear from femtis

I have tested the period underwear from femtis and I will answer all your questions! Do the femtis deliver what they promise? How do they really feel?

5 steps to combat the period taboo at work

How about free tampons instead of foosball tables in your office? We have 5 tips for you to effectively counteract the period taboo at work.

Living with vaginismus: More than muscle contractions

In this interview Leonie shares some insights about her life with vaginismus and tells us about different treatment methods that are helping her.

The journey towards embracing your period

In this interview Mara shares, in a very honest way, her long journey towards more self acceptance, love and embracing your period.

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Vulvani Academy

The Vulvani Academy is your digital education platform for menstruation, sexuality and female health. With our interactive online courses and eBooks you will get to know your own body in a completely new way. Because we educate differently!

How do you feel about period blood?

Vulvani Gallery

We want to share our favorite photos with you, completely for free. Say what?!? The menstrual taboo does not disappear by itself and pictures say more than a thousand words. We don’t want your contribution towards the normalization of periods to fail because you are lacking quality pictures!

Where do you empty your menstrual cup?
Menstruation around the world, Menstruationserfahrungen, Menstruationsgeschichten, Kooperation, Vulvani

Menstruation Around the World

Menstruation Around the World is a Vulvani theme series that attempts to show the diversity of menstrual experiences around the world. How do different people experience their period? How do different cultures deal with the topic? What products are used during menstruation? These are all questions that we ask ourselves and that we would like to ask many more people. We portray people from different countries with their personal stories.

Menstruation from A to Z

In our constantly growing Menstrual ABC you will find short and easy explanations of colloquial expressions and medical terminology relating to menstruation, hormone-free contraception and the anatomy of the reproductive organs. 

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Our Vision

Vulvani wants to create a world in which an open and relaxed approach to menstruation in all societies is possible and in which all people can manage their menstruation in a self-determined, environmentally friendly and above all dignified way.

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