Every expe­ri­ence with mens­trual cups is dif­fe­rent. For some it work right away, others need several cycles, and others need several mens­trual cups and several cycles. For some it may not work at all. Ever­ything is nor­mal. If you think back to your first attempts with a tam­pon, it might not have been easy right away. And at some point it was the most natu­ral thing in the world to change your tam­pon. That’s how you’ll feel after some time with the right mens­trual cup! We recently gave you ple­nty of tips on how to find your per­fect mens­trual cup. Now it’s time to see if you have already found ‘the one’.

Your perfect menstrual cup

How do you know you’ve found the right one for you? Your per­fect mens­trual cup should meet the fol­lowing three requirements:

1. Is comfortable

If the mens­trual cup is cor­rectly inser­ted, you will (almost) no lon­ger notice it. If you still feel the cup after one or two cycles, you could, for example, cut off the stem a little or com­ple­tely. This will make the cup shor­ter. You could also turn it inside out. This chan­ges slightly the shape and length, which can lead to a more com­for­ta­ble fit.

2. Does not leak

Small drops of blood can some­ti­mes ‘leak’ and are quite nor­mal. After inser­ting the mens­trual cup, a little bit of mens­trual blood often remains on the vagi­nal wall under­ne­ath the cup. Here it will be enough to wipe it off once with toi­let paper, just like a nor­mal toi­let trip. After­wards, the blood should only end up in the cup. 

3. Does not move

Once cor­rectly inser­ted, the mens­trual cup should not move when worn and should remain secu­rely in place. Howe­ver, if you tigh­ten your pel­vic mus­cles when going to the toi­let, the cup may of course shift slightly down­wards due to the pres­sure. In this case, you can sim­ply push it back up again a little fur­ther with a clean finger.

If you have bought a cup that neit­her leaks nor moves and that you can’t feel, then you’ve made it! You have found the right mens­trual cup for you. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons and happy blee­ding! For ever­yone else: don’t give up and keep on sear­ching. The per­fect cup is already wai­t­ing for you.

Is there a perfect menstrual cup that fits everyone?

Unfor­tu­n­a­tely no! Or maybe: For­tu­n­a­tely no!? Because we all have dif­fe­rent bodies and the­re­fore our needs and demands for a mens­trual cup are very dif­fe­rent. The mar­ket for sus­tainable period pro­ducts is now so well estab­lis­hed that (almost) all mens­trua­ting people can find the right cup for them. Howe­ver, a little rese­arch as well as trial and error is required.

How many menstrual cups do I need?

Now you may be won­de­ring if one mens­trual cup is enough for your ent­ire period? Yes, it is! Because you can sim­ply remove it, empty your mens­trual blood, clean it and put it back in again. Before and after your period you can boil your cup for several minu­tes. Is your mens­trua­tion dif­fe­rent on dif­fe­rent days? Also no pro­blem. On stron­ger days you can sim­ply change your mens­trual cup at shor­ter inter­vals. On ligh­ter days it can be worn for up to 12 hours. In gene­ral, most mens­trua­ting people can manage well with a sin­gle mens­trual cup for the ent­ire cycle. Howe­ver, some people choose to use a second cup as a backup if they have to change their cup when they are out and don’t want to clean their mens­trual cup in public toi­lets or in the office. The decision is ent­i­rely up to you. For me per­so­nally, a sin­gle mens­trual cup is enough.

What can I do with my menstrual cup if it does not work for me?

If you have used and tried your mens­trual cup several times, but it just doesn’t seem to be working, then it is pro­bably not the right one for you. Some com­pa­nies even take the cups back if you are dis­sa­tis­fied. And other­wise, thanks to their mate­rial, mens­trual cups can be made ste­rile again by boi­ling them and you could resell your (rarely) used cup and give it a new home. And then buy ano­t­her one and try it out. Or maybe you need more sup­port and tips to find your per­fect mens­trual cup? We are happy to help you – just send us a message!

Britta Wiebe, period education, Vulvani
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Britta Wiebe is the co-foun­der of Vul­vani. She loves rese­ar­ching, wri­ting and designing new arti­cles or inno­va­tive edu­ca­tio­nal con­cepts about mens­trua­tion all day long. When she is not tra­vel­ling the world, she enjoys spen­ding time with her loved ones in the beau­ti­ful city of Ham­burg in Germany.