With every mens­trua­tion we get to under­stand our­sel­ves and our body a little bit bet­ter. Since I have been free blee­ding, I am sim­ply exci­ted that it really works. That’s why today I’m going to give you some insights into my ever­y­day period expe­ri­ence: How often do I really have to use the restroom? And how does free blee­ding work in ever­y­day life or while tra­ve­ling? Here are my per­so­nal expe­ri­en­ces with blee­ding freely.

How do I know when to discharge my period blood?

It works well for me that I just regu­larly use the restroom while having my period. I notice a little pres­sure in my abdo­men. It feels a little like my blad­der is full. It took a while before I could dif­fe­ren­tiate bet­ween the fee­ling of a full blad­der vs. a full vagina (with blood). Eit­her way, my body com­mu­ni­ca­tes with me and gives me a sign. Then on the toi­let I let go of the mens­trual blood. Depen­ding on the day of my period, I have a break of vary­ing length until the next ‘rush of blood’.

How often do I have to use the restroom?

On the first two days of my period, regu­lar toi­let visits are com­mon for me when I am free blee­ding. They are defi­ni­tely more fre­quent than usual. Espe­cially on the first days of my period, it is great if a toi­let is nearby. Most of the time, I discharge my mens­trual blood into the toi­let any­where bet­ween thirty minu­tes and two hours. Howe­ver, on the remai­ning days of my mens­trua­tion I am back to my nor­mal pat­terns. I usually don’t visit the toi­let sepa­r­ately after the third day of my period. Ins­tead I sim­ply discharge my mens­trual blood when I usually use the bathroom.

Free Bleeding in everyday life: Really skipping the period products?

In the begin­ning I used fab­ric panty liners as a backup. Now I pre­fer to wear period under­wear when free blee­ding. But actually I don’t need them because I discharge my mens­trual blood directly into the toi­let. At the end of the day I only change my period pan­ties because I have worn them for a cer­tain num­ber of hours. But not because they are soa­ked with blood. Howe­ver, I believe that blee­ding freely is a mat­ter of the mind. If I wear period under­wear, I know that I am ‘safe’ even while I am prac­ti­cing free blee­ding in ever­y­day life. If I’m on the go lon­ger than I had plan­ned or I haven’t been lis­tening to my body pro­perly, then that’s just the way it is. I could bleed into my period under­wear if I have to. It gives me a fee­ling of peace and tranquility.

Around the world while free bleeding

Since I have been living more in tune with my cycle, I try to inte­grate my peri­ods more into my plans. Espe­cially when tra­ve­ling, I have been able to incor­po­rate free blee­ding into my ever­y­day life. Because it is often only up to me (and of course my tra­vel part­ners) to decide what I want to do. Free blee­ding worked well during my several mon­ths of tra­ve­ling through South Ame­rica with my boy­friend – even on days when we explo­red new cities. Because it is often a ques­tion of atti­tude and a good amount of spon­ta­n­eity and fle­xi­bi­lity. Since I love to check out little cafés any­way, I com­bine it with a free visit to the restrooms when free blee­ding. In a way, free blee­ding is always a bit like tra­ve­ling or a little adven­ture. But not around the world, but much more into the insi­des of my body. 

Consciously integrating periods into everyday planning

Whenever pos­si­ble, I do not sche­dule long bus rides for the begin­ning of my period. Even when we plan­ned mul­ti­ple-day-long hikes, I always che­cked my cycle calen­dar first to see when my next period is due. Because regard­less of free blee­ding, I now know that I pro­bably don’t feel like exer­cis­ing or big adven­tures during the first two days of my period. Whe­ther I really free bleed 100 per­cent of my period depends on what is plan­ned at the begin­ning of my period. And of course, what the toi­let situa­tion will be like. By now I’m pretty rela­xed about it. And if there’s more on my agenda than I’d pre­fer, I use my mens­trual cup without hesi­ta­tion. I do this espe­cially when I know that I will not have access to a bathroom for a lon­ger period of time.

Could free bleeding in everyday life be something for you?

For me per­so­nally, free blee­ding means having the cou­rage to try some­thing new and to trust my body. Just because blee­ding freely works well for me, does not necessa­rily mean that it is the right method for you. Every mens­trua­ting per­son expe­ri­en­ces their period indi­vi­du­ally. And ever­yone has to decide for them­sel­ves which pro­duct or method best suits their life­style and needs. But if you are curious and have ques­ti­ons about free blee­ding, feel free to send me a mes­sage. You can also read more about it here and here! And if you know some Ger­man, you can lis­ten to my inter­view all about free blee­ding on the pod­cast ‘Regel­zeit’ (only in Ger­man though). If you are also prac­ti­cing free blee­ding, I am exci­ted to learn from your expe­ri­en­ces. Let me know: What are your best tips for free blee­ding in ever­y­day life?

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Britta Wiebe is the co-foun­der of Vul­vani. She loves rese­ar­ching, wri­ting and designing new arti­cles or inno­va­tive edu­ca­tio­nal con­cepts about mens­trua­tion all day long. When she is not tra­vel­ling the world, she enjoys spen­ding time with her loved ones in the beau­ti­ful city of Ham­burg in Germany.