Mens­trua­tion Around the World is series from Vul­vani that attempts to show the diver­sity of mens­trual expe­ri­en­ces around the world. We por­tray people from dif­fe­rent coun­tries with their per­so­nal sto­ries. Let us smash the period taboo together!

Even though Almas grew up as a curious child expe­ri­men­ting with dis­po­sable pads, nobody exp­lai­ned to her the pur­pose of them – even after asking about it mul­ti­ple times. She is from India and was brought up in a society the period taboo runs deep and tal­king about peri­ods is still a shame­ful thing. Today she shares her story of how she became com­for­ta­ble tal­king to over hund­reds of mens­trua­ting people about peri­ods. Thank you so much, Almas, for beco­m­ing com­for­ta­ble tal­king about peri­ods and actively brea­king the period taboo through education.

Personal Information

Name: Almas Zareen
Age: 21
Gen­der / Sex: Woman / Female
Coun­try of birth: India
Home: Luck­now, India
Col­lege: Bachelor’s degree in Social Work
Age at first period: 13
Favo­rite period pro­duct:I have always used sani­tary pads. Still have not tried any other pro­duct
Cost per mens­trua­tion: 150 Rupees / 2,03$ (eff. 8th Sep­tem­ber 2020) 
Con­tracep­tion method: Con­dom

1. How is menstruation seen in your family, culture or even country? How about the period taboo?

Since the begin­ning, mens­trua­tion has been a taboo in India. Mens­trua­tors are not allo­wed to sit in the place where we wor­s­hip. We are not allo­wed to sit with our fami­lies, thus, discri­mi­na­ting against us whenever we are on our peri­ods. It is sad that people think that mens­trua­tion is only a WOMAN’s ISSUE. The society is igno­rant towards the trans people and only a few know that even trans men bleed. Our society thinks that one should not talk about such topics in the open because it is against the Indian cul­ture. When it comes to my own family, we were never allo­wed to talk about it in front of our father.

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Photo Credits: Almas

2. How and by whom were you educated about menstruation?

My older sis­ter told me about peri­ods and the fun fact is that she did not tell me what it really was. I just knew that I have to use the sani­tary pads in a par­ti­cu­lar way whenever I start blee­ding and I should always carry one with me in case of an emergency.

3. Tell us a little about your first period.

I was sit­ting with my sis­ters when one of them noti­ced that I had stai­ned my clothes. Both of them were like now you have grown up, this is a sani­tary pad. You have to stick it on your underg­arment so that it can soak up all the blood. Neit­her was I pre­pa­red nor did I ever think of ques­tio­ning anything else about it.

4. How do you feel about your menstruation?

In the begin­ning, during my teenage years, mens­trua­tion was a taboo. I never tal­ked openly about it, not to my sis­ters, not to my friends. There were code words like, “I AM DOWN” or “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. And I never felt the need to talk about it. But in 2019, I inter­ned with one of the lea­ding NGOs in India – GOONJ and that is where my life tur­ned upside down. I got to know what hap­pens with the wea­ker sec­tion of the society, how important it is for us to talk about mens­trua­tion and to break the silence around it. That is where I learnt that MENSTRUATION IS A HUMAN ISSUE and NOT A WOMAN’s ISSUE. And I have been chan­ting this man­tra since then.

menstruation around the world, period taboo, menstrual taboo, period stigma, periods in india, menstruation in india, almas zareen, vulvani
menstruation around the world, period taboo, menstrual taboo, period stigma, periods in india, menstruation in india, almas zareen, vulvani

Photo Credits: Almas

5. Which menstrual products have you already tried?

I never had the cou­rage to switch from sani­tary pads to some other pro­duct. So I have always used sani­tary pads. Might change the pro­duct after COVID-19.

6. What do you like to do when on your period?

Every time I have my period, I love watching movies. And my energy and pro­duc­ti­vity is high all the time, except on the first day. I do have a lot of mood swings. And there are times when I also cry for no rea­son, which I think is good because it is cathar­tic in its own way.
During my mens­trua­tion, some­ti­mes I do not like wea­ring jeans.

7. How are you feeling when menstruating?

I would not go around and say that mens­trua­ting is a bles­sing becaue it really is pain­ful but YES ! It is nor­mal.
I gene­rally drink more water when menstruating.

8. Who are you talking to about menstruation?

I talk to ever­y­body about mens­trua­tion because there is not­hing to be shy about. It is as nor­mal as pregnancy.

9. Do you have a particular funny, embarrassing or important story about menstruation?

I was a really curious child. So at the age of 9 or 10, I used to pee on sani­tary pads thin­king that it was meant to be used by women to pee on it when they were out for work and did not have the faci­lity of washrooms due to hec­tic sche­du­les. So YES, IT WAS MEANT FOR BLADDER CONTROL accord­ing to me. Later in life, this myth got busted.

10. Want to share anything else about the period taboo?

Since 2019, along with my stu­dies, I have been working with women belon­ging to the mar­gi­na­li­zed sec­tor of the society, BREAKING THE SILENCE around peri­ods and making it nor­mal. I have worked as an indi­vi­dual and as interns with NGOs so that I could reach out to more and more people. Until this date, I have worked with more than 500 women, lea­ding ses­si­ons with them, making them under­stand the phy­sio­logy of peri­ods along with bus­ting their myths and brea­king the period taboo.

menstruation around the world, period taboo, menstrual taboo, period stigma, periods in india, menstruation in india, almas zareen, vulvani

Photo Credits: Almas

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