Menstrual ABC

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Widespread endometriosis in the uterus.

Agnus Castus
Is a medicinal plant that is taken for the natural treatment of irregular, too frequent or too rare menstruation. The extract of the ripe, dried fruits influences the hormonal balance and is medically approved.

Absence or lack of menstruation.

Absence or lack of ovulation.

Anovulatory cycle
No egg is released during the menstrual cycle.

Anti-Mueller hormone (AMH)
The AMH level indicates how many egg cells are still in the body and whether ovulation has occurred. It is an important indicator in reproductive health

Your glossary all about menstruation

In our Menstrual ABC you will find short and easy explanations of colloquial expressions and medical terms relating to menstruation, hormone-free contraception and the anatomy of the genitals. Here you will find menstrual knowledge from A for adenomyosis to Z for zero waste menstruation.
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