Menstrual ABC

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Hormonal contraception
Hormonal contraceptive methods influence the hormone levels and usually suppress ovulation. The various contraceptives are prescription-only. Even if they are used differently, they often have very similar results and can have side effects. Hormonal contraceptive methods include the pill, the vaginal ring, IUD or the contraceptive patch. When used correctly, hormonal contraceptives protect against unwanted pregnancy, but not against sexually transmitted diseases.

Hormone testing
Test strips are used to measure hormones in the morning urine. This is often done to determine ovulation.

The body's own biochemical messengers, which are produced by glands and transported by blood. Hormones regulate various processes in the body.

Menstruation that is too heavy. It is a form of menstrual disorder characterized by increased blood loss during menstruation. This is the case when the blood loss per menstruation is more than 80ml.

Menstruation that is too light. It is a form of menstrual disorder characterized by a weak and short menstrual bleeding. This is the case when the blood loss per menstruation is less than 25ml. Light bleeding is often spotting.

Surgical removal of the uterus.

Your glossary all about menstruation

In our Menstrual ABC you will find short and easy explanations of colloquial expressions and medical terms relating to menstruation, hormone-free contraception and the anatomy of the genitals. Here you will find menstrual knowledge from A for adenomyosis to Z for zero waste menstruation.
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