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Menstruation occurs too infrequent. It is a form of menstrual disorder characterized by a menstrual cycle that is too long. This is the case when the total cycle is more than 35 days (maximum 90). Due to changes in hormonal balance, oligomenorrhoea occurs mainly after the menarche or before menopause and is normal during this period.

Ovarian cyst
A sack-like cavity formed in or on the ovaries and filled with fluid, which is usually harmless The ovarian cyst can have a diameter of a few millimetres to over 15 cm.

Part of the primary sexual characteristics where eggs and sex hormone are produced.

The moment in which the unfertilised egg is ejected from the ovary and then received by the fallopian tube. In a healthy and natural menstrual cycle, ovulation takes place periodically and is often in the middle of the cycle. Around ovulation are the fertile days.

Ovulation bleeding
Intermediate bleeding that can occur at the time of ovulation (middle of the menstrual cycle).

Your glossary all about menstruation

In our Menstrual ABC you will find short and easy explanations of colloquial expressions and medical terms relating to menstruation, hormone-free contraception and the anatomy of the genitals. Here you will find menstrual knowledge from A for adenomyosis to Z for zero waste menstruation.
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