Menstrual ABC

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There are cur­r­ently 5 names in this direc­tory begin­ning with the let­ter T.
Tam­pon tax
Mens­trual pro­ducts were taxed in Ger­many until the end of 2020 with the incre­a­sed tax rate, also known as the luxury tax, of 19 per­cent. After much lob­by­ing and a peti­tion, two mens­trual acti­vists from Ham­burg mana­ged to change the tax rate for mens­trual pro­ducts. As of Janu­ary 2020, all mens­trual pro­ducts (except panty liners, as they are con­si­de­red ever­y­day items) in Ger­many will be sub­ject to the lower tax rate of only seven per­cent, which counts for basic necessities.

Tam­pons are used during mens­trua­tion and usually con­sist of com­pres­sed cot­ton wool. They are inser­ted into the vagina to directly absorb the mens­trual blood inside the body. They are used once and thrown away afterwards.

Tem­pe­ra­ture method
Hor­mone-free con­tracep­tive method, which is part of natu­ral family plan­ning. This method is based on deter­mi­ning the fer­tile days in the natu­ral mens­trual cycle. For this pur­pose the basal body tem­pe­ra­ture is mea­su­red every morning. Based on the cycli­cal fluc­tua­tions of the basal body tem­pe­ra­ture, the time of ovu­la­tion and thus also the fer­tile and infer­tile days can be determined.

Toxic Shock Syn­drome (TSS)
Severe cir­cu­la­tory and organ fail­ure cau­sed by bac­te­rial toxins. More com­monly the Toxic Shock Syn­drome is also known as 'tam­pon disease'. 

People who do not iden­tify with the sex to which they were assi­gned at birth.

Your glossary all about menstruation

In our Mens­trual ABC you will find short and easy explana­ti­ons of col­lo­quial expres­si­ons and medi­cal terms rela­ting to mens­trua­tion, hor­mone-free con­tracep­tion and the ana­tomy of the geni­tals. Here you will find mens­trual know­ledge from A for ade­no­myo­sis to Z for zero waste mens­trua­tion.
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