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Uterine lining
The thin, pink-coloured mucous membrane forms the inner wall of the uterus to protect it and enable the implantation of a fertilised egg. During the menstrual cycle, hormones influence the consistency and quantity of the mucous membrane. During menstruation, the upper layer of the uterine lining is broken down and discharged. During pregnancy, the lining of the uterus is called decidua.

Part of the genital organs that extends from the outer cervix to the opening of the fallopian tubes. The uterus is similar in shape to an upside-down pear and is a hollow organ in which the egg nests and develops after fertilisation. The uterus is also involved in the birth of the child due to its pronounced muscle layer.

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In our Menstrual ABC you will find short and easy explanations of colloquial expressions and medical terms relating to menstruation, hormone-free contraception and the anatomy of the genitals. Here you will find menstrual knowledge from A for adenomyosis to Z for zero waste menstruation.
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