Today is all about my very personal story and experience with Free Bleeding: How did I actually hear about it? How did I really learn it? I will share my answers to your questions and tell the stroy about what Free Bleeding means to me. For me, this article is a bit like a public love letter for bleeding freely. Why? Because I feel like telling you about it. So that Free Bleeding gets a voice and thus becomes a bit more accesible and real. If you are wondering what Free Bleeding is, how it works and what it is all about, you can read all that here. 

A friend told me about Free Bleeding

One of my close friend first told me about Free Bleeding a few years ago. She started practicing it by coincidence and a little out of necessity, because she was not satisfied with conventional period products. And then at some point she mentioned it rather casually to me. We were together in Mexico for several months and I was annoyed that tampons were not always available. Or at least not the ones I liked to use. So I had packed the good old German tampons for several months. But I was not sure how many I would need for the hwole time. So I had just bought one package in mini, normal and super. However, I was not really satisfied with my ‘solution’.

If others can do it, I can do it too

I had become quite interested when my friend said that she didn’t need any period products anymore. I asked her like a thousand questions and she patiently gave me tips and told me about her experience with Free Bleeding. Like so many others at first, I could not imagine that bleeding freely could really work. But somehow I had become curious. I simply said to myself: If other people can do it, then maybe I can do it too. So I tried it during my next period and practiced it more with every following menstruation. And I can assure you: Free Bleeding really does work! Sometimes I can’t believe that I had to be in my mid-20s before I was able to discover or get to know such a cool possibility and function on my own body. After all, I already had over ten years of menstrual experience (with tampons).

My first experience with Free Bleeding

When people ask me if Free Bleeding has worked for me since the beginning, I like to answer the following: Yes, it worked right away. However, my comfort level with bleeding freely is much higher today than it was a few years ago. The fear and uncertainty I had at the beginning that it wouldn’t quite work and that maybe some menstrual blood would leak was greater back then than now. At the beginning I was quite insecure and always asked myself: Do I have to discharge blood again? And usually my answer was: Oh, I’d better go quickly again, just to be sure. I think that it influenced my everyday life. I couldn’t think about anything else during my period. 

It is a learning curve to rediscover your own body

Practicing Free Bleeding was and still is a learning curve as it requires radical rethinking and questioning. And that requires rest, practice and time. I first had to understand that I can learn to consciously discharge my period blood. It is a process, like many others in our body, which we can control. Over time I got to know my own body in a completely new way and perceived it more consciously. I have tried to understand it better and to be more attentive to my own needs – instead of always working against me or my body and suppressing or at best ignoring my periods. Through my experience with Free Bleeding I have learned to accept that my period can also be something beautiful. Nowadays I always try to bleed freely. It makes me feel better and I am comfortable with it. 

My head and uterus are communicating with each other

Over time I have developed faith for myself and my body. I believe that my body can bleed freely and that everything will be well. I also have the feeling that my body and I, so to speak my head and uterus, are communicating with each other and are connected in a special way. It is a path to more naturalness and connection with myself. Through free bleeding my period has been given a voice. It sets the rhythm, guides me and now determines my days during menstruation – as it should be. For me, free bleeding is a form of art in which my body shows itself from its most beautiful side. Full of colour, full of joy. It is a dance of all senses to live menstruation so consciously.

Through my experience with Free Bleeding I have learned more about my body

In recent years I have also researched more about biology and anatomy related to menstruation. I have looked at how my body is actually built from the inside and where the menstrual blood flows. I also paid more attention to my menstrual blood and quickly realised that it is not a continuous stream of blood – even if it is often conveyed this way. With more knowledge and a better understanding of my own body, my experience with Free Bleeding now makes more sense in my mind as well. This in turn has given me more security and confidence. Now every time I have my period, I think: “Wow, I can control my menstrual blood. I’m doing something I’m always being told I can’t do.” This is always the most beautiful reassurance for myself. It is such an unique feeling, what is possible if we believe in ourselves and our body! 

Curious to make your own experience with Free Bleeding?

Periods are often presented in such a way that they negatively affect us, make us weaker. But now it is something I can consciously control. I actively design the days of my period. It is no longer something I want to hide or find disgusting. I wish that all people hear at least once about bleeding free. And whoever is menstruating themselves should, in my opinion, try it out as it is a very special feeling when it works. Please feel free to send me your questions if you need tips for the beginning! If you bleed freely yourself, please tell me about your experience with Free Bleeding: Who told you about it? How does it work for you? I’m so excited to hear your personal stories.

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Britta Wiebe is the co-founder of Vulvani. She loves researching, writing and designing new articles or innovative educational concepts about menstruation all day long. When she is not travelling the world, she enjoys spending time with her loved ones in the beautiful city of Hamburg in Germany.