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If you hear about period under­wear for the first time, you pro­bably have a lot of ques­ti­ons about it. How exactly does it work? Do period under­wear deli­ver what they pro­mise? What does it really feel like? Does not­hing leak? And what to do with the bloody under­pants after­wards? I have tes­ted the sus­tainable period under­wear from fem­tis and I will ans­wer all your ques­ti­ons! All gene­ral infor­ma­tion about mens­trual under­wear can be found here and you are about to read the fem­tis pro­duct review now.

Factbox  What I like  What could be better 
Com­pany: femtis  + vegan (PETA Approved)  - Sizes can vary 
Price: 22,80 - 29,40 € + cot­ton pos­si­ble as outer material  - Pro­duc­tion out­side GER / EU 
Sam­pled period under­wear: Lene, Alwa + Ella  + High absorbency  - High absobency lay­ers in the back 
Sizes: 30-52  + Variety of styles 

Femtis: The company

Fem­tis is a Ger­man com­pany that has been sel­ling period pan­ties through its own online shop since 2018. Fem­tis’ pan­ties do not con­tain any mate­ri­als of ani­mal ori­gin and carry the cer­ti­fi­ca­tion PETA Appro­ved Vegan. They are also free of sil­ver and other biocides.

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How (well) does the period underwear from femtis work? How do they feel with blood?

First of all the most important: What do the period pan­ties feel like? The pan­ties from fem­tis have an inte­gra­ted 4-layer tech­ni­que. In com­bi­na­tion, the dif­fe­rent lay­ers of the period under­wear absorb the mens­trual blood, simi­lar to pads. If you think that it might feel uncom­for­ta­ble or a little wet, I can­not con­firm this. All good and com­for­ta­ble in your pan­ties! Because every sin­gle layer has a spe­cial func­tion. The inte­gra­ted layer sys­tem is not only sewn into the crotch area, but also goes up the whole back of the pan­ties all the way to the hem. In the descrip­tion this is indi­ca­ted by ‘pro­tec­tion area is espe­cially high at the back‘. For me it was a bit unfa­mi­liar. I per­so­nally would have liked it bet­ter if the layer sys­tem was cut lower at the back and was only as big as a pad for example. Then it would feel even more like ‘nor­mal’ under­wear. Howe­ver, depen­ding on how heavy the blee­ding is, this can be very hel­pful for others and can be an advan­tage, espe­cially at night. The generously cut layer sys­tem pro­bably ensu­res that the blood can really be com­ple­tely absor­bed by the under­wear in every slee­ping posi­tion. So you can sleep through the night and your fem­tis will do the rest for you! 

How much blood do the femtis absorb?

Depen­ding on the model, the period under­wear from fem­tis absorbs vary­ing amounts of mens­trual blood. Accord­ing to the web­site, the absorp­tion capa­city of most fem­tis briefs ran­ges from one to two tam­pons. The slip Jule has an extra layer to absorb even more blood and can hold up to three tam­pons. The cal­cu­la­tion is that one tam­pon can absorb about 5ml of blood. With three tam­pons, the cor­re­spon­ding num­ber is 15ml. In the pro­duct descrip­tion you can find out whe­ther the pan­ties are sui­ta­ble for ligh­ter, medium or heavy blee­ding. In my case the pan­ties have kept their pro­mise and have not lea­ked. Howe­ver, I did not mea­sure or weigh exactly how much blood was in one pair of panties. 

What do I particularly like about period underwear from femtis?

The great thing about fem­tis is that they have a large selec­tion of qua­lity period pan­ties. From high­waist to hips­ter to thong ever­ything is avail­able. With or without lace. The period pan­ties actually look like nor­mal under­wear. So ever­yone can wear their favou­rite style even during their period. Most pan­ties are in a clas­sic black, but there is also a dark red or grey model. It is espe­cially nice that fem­tis sizes range from 30 to 52. This also inclu­des three teen sizes (152, 158, 164). The dif­fe­rent pan­ties also have various mate­ri­als and absor­ben­cies, so you can choose accord­ing to your per­so­nal pre­fe­ren­ces. For example, I like the models with cot­ton as their upper mate­rial best. With the com­pa­ri­son table for all fem­tis period pan­ties, it is easy to find the right model.

How do the panties from femtis fit? 

I have selec­ted three dif­fe­rent fem­tis models to test for this review. My per­so­nal favou­rite is Lene, which has a simple cut and a com­for­ta­ble fit. In retro­spect, I would have pre­fer­red to order Lene in black three times, because I am sim­ply very satis­fied with this model. Lene is com­for­ta­ble and because of the cot­ton she is the most plea­sant on my skin. I also tried the pan­ties Alwa and Ella. Both slips have nylon as their upper mate­rial. Unfor­tu­n­a­tely I was not aware that I per­so­nally do not find nylon as a mate­rial for under­wear very plea­sant. But I like Alwa because of the soft lace waist­band. The only period panty I didn’t really like was the model Ella. I orde­red all three models in size M. Lene fits great, Alwa fits fine and Ella is unfor­tu­n­a­tely too small. For this model it is best to order one or two sizes bigger! 

How much do the period panties from femtis cost and how long can I use them?

Since it is recom­men­ded to have several period pan­ties, fem­tis offers quan­tity dis­counts of up to 20 per­cent (star­ting from 7 pan­ties). If you only want to try one pair, you could order tog­e­ther with others and save money. The quan­tity dis­counts are valid for as little as three pan­ties. The pri­ces for the briefs vary depen­ding on the model and range from around 23€ to 30€. Com­pa­red to other manu­fac­tu­rers fem­tis period under­wear is slightly che­a­per. If cared for pro­perly, they have the same lifespan as con­ven­tio­nal under­wear and can be used for several years. Even after repeated washing and wea­ring, they still fit me exactly as they did when I first tried them. So thumbs up for the qua­lity of the period briefs!

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To summarize… 

I am fasci­na­ted by period under­wear and I think that it is a bril­li­ant inno­va­tion! Not only for the sake of the envi­ron­ment, but also for my body. And I am very happy that I was able to test the period under­wear from fem­tis and that I have found a style (Lene) that I really like. If you are also loo­king for sus­tainable period pro­ducts, then you should defi­ni­tely give period under­wear a chance! If you are still a little scep­ti­cal or if you have any ques­ti­ons, please send us a mes­sage or leave a com­ment below. Or maybe you have already given period under­wear a try? Then feel free to tell us about your experiences.

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