When small dreams come true! I was a guest on the Ger­man pod­cast about peri­ods ‘Regel­zeit’ and tal­ked to the jour­na­list Elena Ber­cher­meier about one of my favo­rite topics: Free Blee­ding. I shared about my per­so­nal expe­ri­en­ces with free blee­ding, offe­red tips for lear­ning it and so much more. We also tal­ked about why it is actually quite natu­ral not to use period pro­ducts. If you’ve always wan­ted to learn more about Free Blee­ding, this pod­cast epi­sode is for you – it is only in Ger­man though. At the end of the pod­cast, I’ll give you my per­so­nal tip for your period.

Who is the creator of the podcast about periods?

Out of the desire to always try some­thing new and to con­ti­nue lear­ning, Elena star­ted a Ger­man pod­cast about peri­ods. The first epi­so­des were released in the sum­mer of 2020. She asked herself: “How much do we know about mens­trua­tion and how much do we talk about it? And the ans­wer for both was unfor­tu­n­a­tely: Not enough. With her pod­cast, she the­re­fore wants to edu­cate, demys­tify and make peri­ods visi­ble. Every week she inter­views a dif­fe­rent per­son. In doing so she always pur­sues a new ques­tion about peri­ods and the mens­trual cycle. For she thinks we should all know much more about the topic. And we couldn’t agree more!

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Photo Credits: Elena

What is talked about on the podcast about periods?

There is no topic too taboo for Elena’s pod­cast.  The topics are as diverse as the period its­elf. From endo­me­trio­sis, meno­pause, free blee­ding, cycle know­ledge and the pill, ever­ything is inclu­ded – always in con­ver­sa­tion with an expert on the topic. Her period pod­cast is not only about sta­tis­tics or bio­logy. It is also about fee­lings, per­so­nal expe­ri­en­ces and all aspects of the period. Because there is no abso­lute right or wrong, no ideal for the period. As a free­lance jour­na­list, Elena is more inte­res­ted in making the variety of mens­trual expe­ri­en­ces visi­ble. Thank you dear Elena for star­ting such an important pod­cast about peri­ods and for let­ting me be a part of it as an inter­view guest.

Have fun listening to the podcast

Lis­ten to the pod­cast about peri­ods and write me if you have any ques­ti­ons about my inter­view and Free Blee­ding. The pod­cast is exclu­si­vely avail­able on the Gre­man pod­cast plat­form Podimo. Howe­ver, you can lis­ten to one epi­sode for free. The intro epi­sode and the first three epi­so­des are also freely avail­able without a pre­mium sub­scrip­tion. On Insta­gram, Elena always keeps you infor­med about new epi­so­des, gives insights behind the sce­nes of being a pod­cas­ter and is always happy about new ques­ti­ons from the com­mu­nity for her podcast.

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Britta Wiebe is the co-foun­der of Vul­vani. She loves rese­ar­ching, wri­ting and designing new arti­cles or inno­va­tive edu­ca­tio­nal con­cepts about mens­trua­tion all day long. When she is not tra­vel­ling the world, she enjoys spen­ding time with her loved ones in the beau­ti­ful city of Ham­burg in Germany.